Thank you for your interest in our scaffolding training programs. The Scaffold Training Institute is the original scaffold training entity in the USA, and was the first to develop training programs intended specifically for compliance with OSHA training requirements. Our programs were authored by individuals with hands-on experience in the design and installation of scaffolding in field applications such as construction sites, power plants, paper mills, and refineries. These programs, including "Train the Trainer" courses, training manuals, videotapes, instructor guides, and on-site training services, have been used by thousands of companies worldwide since 1991.

On August 30, 1996, OSHA published a new scaffolding regulation with an effective date of November 29,1996. This regulation requires the employer to provide training in the following areas:

All employees involved in the erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, maintaining, or inspecting scaffolding (29CFR1926.454(b)).

All employees who perform work while on a scaffold (scaffold users) (29CFR1926.454(a)).

Retraining as specified in (29CFR1926.451(c)).

A trained "Competent Person" shall supervise all scaffolding construction or alteration (29CFR1926.451(f)(7)).

We offer the following programs to help employers comply with these requirements.

Our most popular program is a Competent Person/Scaffold Builder course covering fabricated frame scaffolds, tube & clamp, system scaffolds, and mobile (rolling tower) scaffolds. This course meets the training requirements of 1926.451(b). The course takes approximately eight hours to conduct, including testing. Each participant receives a 300 page training manual. Corresponding videotapes, and an instructor guide are available for in-house trainers in the "Train the Trainer" package. If your employees do not use all four of these types of scaffolding, the course may be shortened by covering only that type necessary (for example, fabricated frame only, 4 hours). Hands-on training is also available in a separate course, conducted at your location, for employees with limited field experience in assembling scaffolds.

Our Scaffold User Course covers the hazards associated with scaffold use, such as fall hazards, falling object hazards, electrical hazards, material handling, and scaffold load carrying capacities. This course meets the training requirements of 1926.451(a). This course will take approximately two hours to conduct, including testing. This course and the associated "Train the Trainer" package is now available.

Retraining is recommended as follows. For employees who attended our "Competent Person" course prior to January 1, 1996, we recommend that the course be re-taken in its entirety, using our new training materials based on the new regulation. For employees who attended the "Competent Person" course after January 1, 1996, we recommend that they purchase a "replacement set" to update the training manual that they received when trained.

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